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Create backup copies of your Gmail e-mails


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Gmail Backup Tool is a simple tool with which you'll be able to quickly create backup copies of all the e-mails stored in your Gmail account. This is very important if you take into account that, due to its great capacity, Gmail is often the place in which you save tons of videos, photos, and documents.

This application basically creates a duplicate of all your e-mails and stores them in .eml and .pst format. You'll then be able to recover them using the same program, thus effectively saving any content you may have on there.

One of the application’s strong points is its intuitive interface which, instead of making things more difficult for the user, makes things much more easy to use. You just have to go ahead and click the mouse a couple of time to begin the process, and then one more to have it all done.

Gmail Backup Tool can save you more than one problem as it's quite common (and bothersome) to lose important e-mails, something that will no longer happen to you if you install this application.

You'll only be able to make backup copies of 100 e-mails.

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